Terms & Conditions of the Sale / updated 1-Nov-2018:

1) In case there are insufficient number of bookings made, tickets will be valid to the next published course (of the same type) or refunded if requested.

2) Refund and Cancellation fees (unless otherwise defined on a specific ticket):

*** We endeavour to waving part or all of our additional cancellation or change fees on compassionate grounds, where applicable and reasonable ***

 2.1) Should the course be cancelled by us, the organisers, we endeavour to provide an alternative date for the course or provide a full refund if requested.

 2.2) Refunds / Cancellation fees (when you cancel or do not show-up or arrive late): 

  £75 cancellation fee if cancelled less than 1 month before the course starts or in case of no-show

  No refund or partial refund is given if you arrive late but choose to stay for the rest of the course

2.3) Change fee of £25 / person / seminar-day applies If you request to attend at a different date within less than a month before the booked course starts.

2.4) If you fail to present suitable documentary evidence when required (i.e. non-standard) ticket, then the following options are available for you:

   2.4.1) Not attending course and take a refund (£25 / person / seminar-day cancellation fee applies)

   2.4.2) Pay the difference between the price already paid and the ticket that you are eligible for and have supporting documentation if applicable (cash accepted at the door + £10 admin fee)

   2.5) When Payment at the door is applicable (only cash accepted, no cheques or cards) an additional £10 admin fee is payable on top of the ticket price.

  2.6) In case the number of bookings exceeds the room capacity at the venue advertised, the course could be moved to a bigger venue in the same town, with similarly convenient public transport links. We do not accept the change of venue a reason for cancellation.

 2.7) If you have to travel to, and/or have to pay for accommodation during our courses, make sure that your bookings are changable or allowed to be cancelled in case there is any change to the date or location of our course for any reason. We are not responsible for any loss or additional change or cancellation fees you might incur.

 2.8) REPEATER Tickets are non-refundable within 1 month of the start of the course (including no-show on the course), but, at the instructor's discretion you will be able to come to the course within a year (with the same Instructor only), subject to available seats. 

 2.9) Additional FAMILY-members (or partner) tickets
2.9.1) Friends/Family discounts may be available at most courses. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount. We endevour that you get the best discount available at the time of booking.        

3) We reserve the right to change the price of our training courses during the year.

4) Gratis ticket holders who (paid no tuition fee) completed the foundation course modules (101,202,303,404) within 6 months are given the option to get Silva International Royalty-dependent documents (Silva ID Card, Certificate and Student Books). We kindly ask for our costs to be re-imbursed (payable before or shortly after the course).

5) Money Back Guarantee (only applicable if the ticket was bought directly from Mindfulness Education CIC or from the Instructor):

  5.1)  If you are unsatisfied with the course, you can request a full refund of the course-fee paid, as long as you request the refund within 24 hours of the end of the course. Acceptance of the Course-book represents waving your money-back request option. This offer (100% refund) is only applicable if you sit through the entire course, otherwise a proportional refund is given, subject to how much of the course you were present (provided you request the refund within 24 hours of the end of the course).

  5.2) If the ticket is bought from any AGENT (e.g. GroupOn) (or via an agent-specific affiliate-link) , then the Money Back Guarantee is not applicable to the full amount paid. The refundable amount will vary according to the agent and the course.

  5.3) The Money Back Guarantee is applicable to the Silva Method foundation courses (SLS/Silva Life System and SIS/Silva Intuition System).

6) Advanced bookings: Off-line payments, including Payment by instalments
Tickets bought in advance but not paid fully at the time (i.e. off-line payments via bank transfer or cash paid at a bank-branch)

    6.1) Payment has to be received in full no later than 2 weeks before course starts, for tickets other than Early-bird

    6.2) Early-bird tickets must be fully paid before the actual Early-bird ticket-sales end for the actual course (typically 2-3 months before the course starts, but see date for each course) 

    6.3) We reserve the right to cancel (and fully refund all part-payments) if the final payment is not made by 2 weeks before the course starts (this is to allow people on the waiting list to attend the course).

 7) REPEATER ticket price is refunded after the course if the repeater introduces a new student, who pays the full standard, single ticket-price and they both attend the same course.
This entitlement is not transferable to any other event or person (neither part nor the whole).
The two tickets (Repeater and Full-New-Student ticket ideally should be bought together, in one transaction)

 8) AFFILIATES who joined any of our PUBLIC schemes
By joining any of our public or private affiliate schemes you are accepting our terms and conditions: 

   8.1) Commission is paid 12 working days after the event (cheque or bank transfer to your bank account)

   8.2) Commission is not due when course cancelled and/or tickets are refunded for any reason.

   8.3) AFFILIATE is not permitted to buy his/her own personal ticket via the scheme. This is incompatible with the purpose of the AFFILIATE scheme and for the contracted service of the AFFILIATE. If that happens, the affiliate contract is invalid, no commission is paid to AFFILIATE on any sales. 

   8.4) Commission is applicable for REPEATER-type tickets as well.

   8.5) When ticket price includes UK VAT, then commission is paid net of VAT if AFFILIATE is not UK VAT-registered.

9) Group-ticket discounts and their T&Cs are defined by each course, where applicable

10) AFFILIATES wishing to join a PRIVATE AFFILIATES scheme 

   Some of our events are available for PRIVATE AFFILIATES to enter into a contract with us. These schemes have a basic 10% commission defined on our ticketing website (eventbrite.com). Banded commission rates are as described or as per separate agreement. 

11.1) Mentoring is only undertaken for clients, who completed the full BLS (101-404) Silva Method classroom training course and can produce a valid Silva-ID card 
or a Course Certificate. In other words, Client is a verified, full Silva Graduate of the entire BLS course.
11.2) If client is not a Silva Graduate, then client may receive a personal, 1-2-1 consultation with Mentor about the benefits of the Silva Method, 
but cannot expect to be taught the actual method in part or in full during mentoring sessions. After such an individual introductory consultation client may decide to enroll 
11.3) Mentoring/consultation service should be completed within 10 weeks of purchase (unless otherwise stated at a specific ticket for sale) . The said period is not extandable and the fee is not refundable aither in part or in full for a reason of running out of this time-window.
11.4) The person of a Mentor, selected at the time of purchase may be changed, if the actual mentoring has not yet started and the first such mentoring session is beyond 7 days from the time of the change requested.
11.5) On-line mentoring reqyiures the client to have a fully set-up, tested and working Skype or Facebook Messenger. Mentoring session cannot be postponed or extended if client is having technical (i.e. connectivity) problems and the mentoring is impaired or prevented.  Mentoring session fee is due in full in this case. 
11.6) Laptop or desktop is preferred, with camera; Smart-phone or tablet can be used but it significantly reduces the effectiveness of mentoring. 
11.7) After booking one or more mentoring session(s), it is the client's responsibility to contact selected mentoring person and agree specific dates/times for each session purchased. Mentor can be contacted via email, Facebook-Chat, Skype-chat or SMS-text message (whichever is available and provided on the booking confirmation sent to client in automatic email.
11.8) Appointments for mentoring sessions are normally available Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm, however, other weekdays and/or times of day might also be agreed, at the discretion of the Mentor. 
11.9) We reserve the right to refund the entire mentoring fee paid in case there is no agreement reached between the client and any Mentor available for all the sessions purchased within the allowed period.
11.10) Cancellation of mentoring by Client and refunds
11.10.1) Mentoring fee paid is not refundable beyond 14 calendar days of date of purchase.
11.10.2) If refund is requested within 14 calendar days of purchase then the full fee paid is refundable if these conditions are met: No actual dates/times have yet been booked and agreed with mentor or There have been actual dates/times already booked and agreed with Mentor, but no actual mentoring session has taken place yet and 
    the first such session is beyond 7 calendar days of the actual cancellation request.
11.11) *** WE ALWAYS ACT IN GOOD FAITH AND ACCOMODATE CANCELLATION (PART OR FULL whichever is applicable) REQUESTS on compassionate grounds, where applicable and reasonable ***