Silva Mind-Body Healing course



This special Silva event will teach you how to unlock the full potential of your mind’s natural healing ability, using scientifically proven techniques, resulting in overall health and wellbeing, with consistent and lasting results.

The Silva Method techniques focuses on the development of ESP, influencing healing in yourself and others.

Millions of people worldwide have found better health with the phenomenon known as mind-body healing. Like you, they know there’s more to holistic wellbeing than conventional medication and procedures. And like you, they know that their health should be in their hands.

The question is, how you can realize the full potential of your mind’s natural healing ability? How can you get consistent and lasting results, so you can start making profound changes to your wellbeing TODAY and for the rest of your life?

The Silva Method techniques focuses on the development of ESP, influencing healing in yourself and others.

Stress transformation

Healthy goals

Healthy mind/beliefs

Healthy emotions loss

Forgiveness and healing loss

Healthy spirit, healing love

Healthy body, habit control

Vision of a healthy future

Study pre-requisite:

Should have completed the BLS (Silva Foundation Course) and be able to present a Silva International ID-Card or course certificate to prove it.


New Students of this course (who first time attended the Silva Mind-Body Healing course) will receive a Silva Mind-Body Healing Course Certificate of Attendance. With that certificate (with a Certificate ID) will be entitled to repeat the Silva Mind-Body Healing course for a lower fee (see the Repeater Ticket when booking)

Q: Who can take the SILVA MIND-BODY HEALING Course

A: Anyone can take this course. But it is suggested to take the Mini introductory seminar before taking this class.

Q: What will I learn in the SILVA MIND-BODY HEALING Course?

A: Please check the Curriculum part for the complete details

Q: How long is the SILVA MIND-BODY HEALING Course?

A: It generally occurs for 16hourse, depending on the instructor how they will divide the break.

Q: Can I get a refund once booked?

A: If we cancel the course, we give you an immediate, full refund.
See our Sales Terms & Conditions for details on refunds and cancellation and change fees where applicable.
*** We endeavour to waving part or all of our cancellation or change fees on compassionate grounds, where applicable and reasonable ***

Seminar Details

On-line/Zoom Classes

• Format: 2 days (typically 10:00 to 17:00) or 4 half-days (afternoons or evenings)
• Several breaks
• For full-day courses a Lunch-break of 50 mins

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