M. a smoker in his seventies had numerous tumours on his lungs and was given just months to live.
I gathered a small group to practice distant healing; visualizing the lungs clear.
I also gave him a tape of the Silva Sound which he played close to the body, hour after hour!

(I remember Jose Silva telling us that this healing rhythm (a tapping sound) had come to him in
meditation and he had proven its power.)

Outcome? Some months later, M, went for a checkup and was declared clear! He lived for another 10 years!

The group had collectively manifested the visualized outcome and M, had accepted this mentally by visualising the same.

However, where health is concerned, manifesting is not only for physical healing but also for healing of the emotions and relationships because stress and fear and constant anxiety can manifest in physical illness.

I have used the Silva method for over 35 years. It is part of my every day life and thinking.
I write of my experiences to inspire you and to help strengthen your attitude of mind and your belief in your ability.
We are victims if we believe we are victims! We are powerful if we believe we are powerful.
This does not mean just saying the words.
It is how your feel and what you believe in your inner most consciousness.

Stay safe.

June Kidd.


Author and Silva Ambassador

June had left the pace and excitement of working in and around New York to be married in New Orleans before moving with her husband, a physician, to Saudi Arabia. She was to spend the next ten years there, savouring the exotic Middle Eastern culture, living, working and enjoying the company of people from all over the world and co-founding the first school for children with Down’s Syndrome. June also travelled extensively to Europe, China, Australia, America and the Caribbean.

It was during a home visit to England that she first began an intensive study of ‘Imagination, Meditation, and Mental Discipline’, eventually becoming an advanced graduate of and an ambassador for The Silva Method.

June’s decision to take this course was to transform and enhance her life, particularly as a writer, freeing her from a lifelong handicap with dyslexia, learning to spell virtually overnight at the age of forty and developing a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity’ that allowed her to write Unshriven, her first published book.

June also writes and gives talks to various associations including Dyspla-(dyslexic), The Silva Organisation, Science of the Mind and the Theosophical Society.





1663 Unshriven 1963”
By June Kidd. Silva Method Ambassador. U.K.

England, 17th century; a hamlet, deep snows, roaring log fires in the Manor , hard frost and sharp stars and in a cottage down by the stream… .. That’s how it started, sitting alone and in a light trance, I watching as the scene in my minds eye became animated - and then I began to type a story that once it had gripped my attention, would not let go.

Meditating at Alfa level, I somehow typed the biography of one, Hannah Myer, assuming it to be fiction flowing from my free-wheeling imagination! It was not fiction and to prove this I was guided to a hamlet near Stratford-on-Avon, where two sisters had lived in the 17th century; Rachel Myer, an herbalist, was murdered for witchcraft during an outbreak of plague. Her young sister, Hannah (with no memory of the slaughter) was rescued, housed, educated by the local Gentry.

Beautiful with red hair (had she been sired by someone for Court?) living as housekeeper at the Manor, a Royalist household during Civil War; hidden rooms in the attic, secret passages in cellars, young soldiers betrayed, taken away and the clink of chains at dead of night. A lifetime of devotion to Lawrence, her rescuer and now Lord of the Manor, their love was mutual but unrequited - because he had a secret!

Dying, Hannah's memory of her sister returned and she died vowing: “Never to go to my rest until the truth is told.”

At a critical date, Hannah crossed times lines and life times to find someone who could gain justice for her sister; she found me, a writer, at Alpha/Theta level and through me she found Lawrence and justice!

Investigation through archives, church records and manorial rolls, proved that my story was traceable historical fact. On the 4th March 2011, a service “In Commemoration of the Faithfully Departed” was conducted over a tiny grave in a country church by an ordained minister of the Church of England. (Photographs are in the book.)

This is a true story and just the thing for winter reading and for inspiring you to use your Silva training and ask yourself: Is there no limit to the extraordinary achievements and experiences attainable to the Silva trained mind, when all that is required - is your attention!

Writing "Unshriven" is the most amazing thing that had happened to me ( apart from learning to spell overnight at the age of 40! Not bad for a dyslexic!) But there are more of my achievements that I hope will inspire you in "Manifesting with Silva."

Better and Better. June Kidd.

“Unshriven” is now being adapted for T.V.
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"You, the human magnet"

You are a magnet, your emotions are attracting into your life exactly what you want - and what you don’t want! It’s all a question of awareness!

Dedicated to Jose Silva.
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“Manifesting with silva”

Be delighted and inspired by my achievements and bring out the magic in your Multi-dimensional mind.

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