Your Life-Mission / Intuition+Plus

Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission (#505)

Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission (#505)

If you have the below question sin mind, then yes you came to the right place my Dear 🙂


  • Struggling to identify the real goal/long-term vision in your life?
  • Lack of motivations to achieve your goals?
  • Not able to focus ?
  • Goals are aligned with the personal values and beliefs?

You know why so many people hate what they do, because they are not living consciously or connecting to their purpose.

And the only solution to this problem is MEDITATION…

In this advanced Silva course, YOUR LIFE-MISSION – Intuition+Plus, you will experience a vision of your life purpose firsthand and a discussion about how purpose does not always equal your JOB!!

Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission

Discover the “Perfect Blueprint” for your life and what you need to do to achieve your desired level of perfection.

On this Advanced course you will experience:

  • Access deeper states of intuition.
  • Discover powerful, states of deeper consciousness.
  • Apply techniques to find your life’s purpose.
  • Holographic visualization.

At this advanced level, you will learn powerful meditations, intuitive and visual techniques that will lead you to discover not only your potential but also Your Life’s Purpose.

The Fantastic Voyage Exercise

Transcend the boundaries of time and space and create powerful reference points with this essential first step to unlocking your full intuitive potential.

The Droplet of Source Energy Exercise

Experience how you are connected to and One with Universal Source Energy. Learn how to discipline your imagination so you can control your intuition.

Connection to Purpose Exercise

A conversation with Universal Source Energy. Take a glimpse into your life purpose.

Omni-Viewing Technique

Learn to view over time and space with the help of your intuition.

Psychometry Exercise

Trust in your abilities! You will learn how to read energies that have been impressed on inanimate objects by their owners.

Seeds Of Purpose

In this meditation your personal representation of Source Energy guides you to plant seeds along your future timeline that will flourish throughout your living experience and successfully keep you on your chosen path.

Study pre-requisite:

Should have completed the BLS (Silva Foundation Course) and be able to present a Silva International ID-Card or course certificate to prove it.


New Students of this course (who first time attended the Silva Intuition+Plus course (aka Your Life-Mission) will receive a Silva Intuition+Plus Course Certificate of Attendance. With that certificate (with a Certificate ID) will be entitled to repeat the Silva Intuition+Plus course for a lower fee (see the Repeater Ticket when booking)


Repeat the 2 modules of the Silva Method Foundation course (either module separately or together) at a reasonably low price anywhere in the world, where there are Certified Silva Method courses. (Note, REPEATER course fees vary from country to country, between 10% and 50% of the standard price)

Attend Silva Practice Clubs or run your own, where you can practice Silva Techniques and share experience with other Silva Graduates

Recommended reading and supporting material: We recommend to use all of this after you completed the classroom training

Jose Silva/Philip Miele: The Silva Method

The Silva Method Home Study Course (CD-set)

Dr.R.Hanson/Dr.R.Mendius: Buddha’s Brain (The latest discoveries of neuroscience – you will understand how and why the Silva method works)

Q: Who can take the Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission ?

A: Who has already taken the BLS (Silva foundation) course.

Q: What will I learn in the Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission (#505)?

A: Please check the Curriculum part for the complete details

Q: How long is the Silva Intuition+Plus / Life-Mission (#505)?

A: It generally occurs for 2 days. But it may depends on the Instructor.

Q: Can I get a refund once booked?

A: If we cancel the course, we give you an immediate, full refund.
See our Sales Terms & Conditions for details on refunds and cancellation and change fees where applicable.
*** We endeavour to waving part or all of our cancellation or change fees on compassionate grounds, where applicable and reasonable ***

Seminar Details

Online Classes

• Format: 1 day (typically 10:00 to 17:00) or 2 half-days (afternoons or evenings)
• Several breaks
• For full-day courses a Lunch-break of 50 mins

In-person, classroom-based seminars 

• Format: 1 day (typically 10:00 to 17:00)
• Several short breaks
• Lunch-break: 50 mins

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