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  1. On Eventbrite you will always find out what payment methods allowed for each event.

YPICAL TICKET TYPES, not all are available for all types of events, VALID from 2015: 

  • STANDARD ticket type is for those, who are neither REPEATERS nor entitled to CONCESSIONS nor are booking as a Group/Family & Best-friends 
  • FRIENDS & FAMILY tickets when attending together on the same course
  • REPEATER tickets are for people who have done the same type of course before
    This is the lowest price anyone would pay for attending a course
    • FREE when you bring a new student to the course and you both attend (not transferable to other date or person)


  • Silva-GB SCHOLARSHIP You can apply for a scholarship, if you are seriously challenged financially. There is a non-refundable application fee. If you are awarded a scholarship, there is still a part of the ticket, that you have to pay for. Each application is considered individually.

PRICES VALID from 2018

Silva Method Training / BLS #101-#404
4 days [Part-1 + Part-2] of the Silva Foundation Course

    • £600 STANDARD ticket
    • £540 Friends&Family ticket ticket - for each in the group who bought their tickets together
    •   £75 REPEATER (4 days) ticket
    •   £50 REPEATER (2 days) ticket
      (Note, The repeater ticket price is waved or refunded when you bring a new student with you)

CLICK HERE: Silva Foundation Course Calendar

Part-1 or Part-2 (2 days - BLS #101-#202 or BLS #303-#404)

  • £300 STANDARD  ticket
  •   £50 REPEATER (2 days) ticket
Silva Foundation Course for Children (7-10 or 10-14)

    • £200 STANDARD ticket
    •   £50 REPEATER ticket
    •   £50 PARENT ticket

CLICK HERE: Silva CHILDREN Course Calendar

OTHER COURSES ARE PRICED INDIVIDUALLY. See their Course Calendars (click on See Prices and Event Details by each course for prices)

If we cancel the course, we give you an immediate, full refund (you may choose to switch to an other course). 
See our Sales Terms & Conditions for details on refunds and cancellation and change fees where applicable. 
*** We endeavour to waving part or all of our cancellation or change fees on compassionate grounds, where applicable and reasonable ***

In summary, private tuition prices and conditions are subject to agreement with your chosen instructor.

For more details, including guide-prices, see the  Private Tuition webpage on our website

If you are unsatisfied with the course, you can request a full refund of the course-fee paid. 
See our Sales Terms & Conditions for details.

BLS, Basic Lecture Series is the name of the original Silva Method Foundation course. 
It has 4 modules: #101, #202, #303, #404

Silva International extended the original BLS with approximately 25% extra (about one dayful of) new material thus the 2-day SLS (Silva Life System) and the 2-day SIS (Silva Intuition System) was born.

  • SLS - Silva Life System - more or less the same as BLS #101, #202
  • SIS - Silva Intuition System - more or less includes BLS #303, #404 modules + another dayful of new exercises (SIS is still to be squeezed into 2 days, not 3)

A Short history of the Silva Method BLS & SLS/SIS courses and their teaching formats:

  • BLS, the Basic Lecture Series used to be 4-days many years ago
  • BLS was reduced in most countries to 3-days, in an attempt to make it easier for people to find the time for the course
  • BLS was reduced in some countries to 2-days (same reason as above)
  • Silva International reviewed all material, that Jose Silva left behind and decided to extend the BLS: SLS & SIS was born
  • Silva International decided to phase out the teaching of BLS and replace it with SLS & SIS
  • Silva International revised its decision and decided to keep and continue with both BLS and SLS/SIS - it is the decision of each country director to teach BLS or SLS/SIS
  • Some countries, whose instructors are certified to teach both BLS and SLS/SIS, decided to keep the original BLS as the foundation course and teach the new material (that was the increment added to BLS) as a separate 1-day course (Silva module #505). 
    This new, 1-day course is a spiritual one (aka Your Life-mission / Intuition+Plus, Silva module #505). Can be taught independently, not requiring BLS as a pre-requisite
  • In Britain, we continue teaching the original BLS, over 4 days. 
    For easier access to students, Part-1 of BLS (#101, #202) and Part-2 of BLS (#303, #404) can be attended as a separate course each (Part-2 can be attended only if the student had done Part-1 already). 
    We also have the separate, 1-day, spiritual course: Your Life-mission / Intuition+Plus)
  • BLS (#101, #202, #303, #404) the original Silva Method foundation course is a technical course - accredited in some countries towards teaching degrees and selected medical diplomas


Repeating has not been free in the UK or anywhere in Europe for at least 12 years. 
Jose Silva himself has changed this policy before he passed on, recognising, that in Today's world costs of operating an organisation has increased significantly (not just the cost of seminars room but running a Ltd company too) all have to be covered if we want to continue our service and there is no central budget from Silva International. 
REPEAT charges are different from country to country (reaching 50% of the full price in some EU countries). 

Here in the UK repeaters are charged a reasonably small fee, which we believe is fair and excellent value. 

Bring a new person to the seminar and your repeater fee is waved.

If you are still not satisfied, you can always contact Silva International Inc.

If you have a Silva Graduate ID Card (issued in any of the countries where the Silva Method is taught under licence from Silva International Inc. Texas, Laredo). 
The certificate or ID card is to prove, that you have completed any of these Silva Method classroom training courses

  • 3 or 4 DAY BLS (Basic Lecture Series) seminar  
  • 2+2 day SLS and SIS (Silva Life & Silva Intuition System)  

Being a REPEATER is considered separately for each type of course. 
General rule: If you have done the same type of course and you have proof of completing it (Certificate or ID card), then you can buy a REPEATER ticket, if it is available.