What kind of courses do you do?

Silva Method foundation course calendar here: www.silvamindfulness.co.uk/courses

Advanced Silva courses calendar: www.silvamindfulness.co.uk/advanced-courses

How can I pay?

On-line payments using CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS

May I get a refund?

If we cancel the course, we give you an immediate, full refund.
See our Sales Terms & Conditions for details on refunds and cancellation and change fees where applicable.
*** We endeavour to waving part or all of our cancellation or change fees on compassionate grounds, where applicable and reasonable ***

How much does private tuition cost ?

Contact the instructor for details.


What about repeating free of charge?

Repeating has not been free in the UK or anywhere in Europe for at least 20 years.
Jose Silva himself has changed this policy before he passed on, recognising, that in Today's world costs of operating an organisation has increased significantly (not just the cost of seminars room but running a Ltd company too) all have to be covered if we want to continue our service and there is no central budget from Silva International.
REPEAT charges are different from country to country (reaching 50% of the full price in some EU countries).

Here in the UK repeaters are charged a reasonably small fee, which we believe is fair and excellent value.

Bring a new person to the seminar and your repeater fee is refunded after the course.

Who is a repeater of the silva method foundation seminars?

If you have a Silva Graduate ID Card (issued in any of the countries where the Silva Method is taught under licence from Silva International Inc. Texas, Laredo).
The certificate or ID card is to prove, that you have completed any of these Silva Method classroom training courses

  • 3 or 4 DAY BLS (Basic Lecture Series) seminar
  • 2 + 2 day SLS and SIS (Silva Life & Silva Intuition System)

Who is a repeater?

Being a REPEATER is considered separately for each type of course.
General rule: If you have done the same type of course and you have proof of completing it (Certificate or ID card), then you can buy a REPEATER ticket, if it is available..