Aktar Chowdhury

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Aktar became a Certified Silva Method Instructor in 2022.

He has been practising various meditation and yoga techniques since 2001 and found the Silva Method being the easiest, most practical and effective. He has chosen Silva Method particularly because it is Secular.
His first instructor was Karin Barnes, then he trained and repeated with many instructors, including Lee Pascoe, Ken Coscia, Andrea Domjan and all of the other UK instructors.
Aktar has received countless benefits from practising meditation in the fields of study, work, business, health, family and social life etc.
As a Silva Instructor,  he is very enthusiastic to share his knowledge and experience with others.
Aktar believes that people can change and improve their life by believing in themselves and practising meditation.
He would like to spread the Silva Method to help as many individuals as possible to regain the inner strength and live a better life and prosper naturally, transform failure into success, illness into health, enlighten their soul, and live a meaningful happy life.
Aktar has also trained as Reiki Master energy healer, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) Master, Cognitive behaviour Therapist (CBT). He is a Member of Complementary Therapists Accredited Association and is a Mindfulness Practitioner.
Aktar is Qualified as a Barrister and a Certified Accountant.
He has a young family. Lives and works in the Birmingham area.

Email him at aktar@silvamethod.uk.com
Mobile: +44 7743 020 321

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