The Silva Method saved my life

Silva Mind training is a powerful mental tool to call on whenever you are in trouble.  Here is an example of dire need in an emergency.

Moving our sailboat into a steep-sided lock in France, I had stepped outside the handrail, stretching out to push us away from the wall. Then lock gates were opened and water literally thundered down into the basin, lifting the boat, swirling and bumping it around – and I lost my balance! I fell overboard and slipped down into the water between the swinging boat and the wall, with just my fingers (not my hands) still wrapped around the rail as the power of the incoming flood swung my body from side to side like a pendulum. 

I immediately went into what I call Silva Mode! Panic and shock dismissed, I was in charge of this situation!

My mind stayed calm and calculating as I repeatedly pushed the weight of the boat away from the slippery wall with my feet until the water finally hit its level and was calm again and I was pulled back aboard.

Had I panicked, it could have been a fatality; I could easily have been crushed and drowned. Thanks to my Silva training, there was no aftershock, no trauma, no bad dreams. 

That is the power of the Silva trained mind, and you will understand my delighted when my young grandsons took the junior training with Andrea Domjan, Director. Hungary. 

A New Year, New Life, New Hopes, New Dreams, New Ambitions and Resolutions. We are all magnets, attracting to us what we focus on and believe to be true. That is the power of the Silva Trained Mind, and to make use of this and the Universal Law of Attraction, you have first to understand how it works!  “You the Human Magnet.”

Have fun and a great 2020!

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