Manifesting can be fun!

Early July. We got off the ferry St. Malo heading towards Rennes where we owned land edging the broad willow tree-lined river.

We hoped to break the journey by spending the night at an old mill, deep in the countryside that had reputation for good food; Michelin stars displayed across the stone walls. It would be a hard drive after a long ferry crossing but we really wanted to spend the night there. Our problem was that we didn’t have the name of the place or booking, and being so remote, there would be nowhere else to stay!

Using my Silva programming from the moment we drove off the ferry, I focused really hard on our getting a room there; feeling the relief, smelling the sweet country air, peace and tranquillity, enjoying a relaxing drink before a fine dinner. watching the fast-moving stream turn the water wheel as it had done for at least a couple of hundred years.  I ‘lived’ success, breathed it and didn’t stop holding this in my mind’s eye, not even for a moment! 

When we entered I had absolutely no doubt that we would spend the night there – not even when the immaculately suited and very superior concierge, said: “Sorry Madam, we do not have a room.”                           

I looked at him in disbelief! ‘You must have,’ I challenged. ‘You must have!’ I was adamant and stood there waiting for him to find one as he searched the register again. I absolutely knew that there had to be a room for us. I knew it, I felt it, I had programmed with ever fibre in my body and the power of my mind, for it. It felt right and I expected

(Desire, Belief, Expectation!)

Time stood still as he studied the book, running a pen up and down the page – then: “Well, we do have one room,” he said hesitantly, “but it’s at the very top of the mill and you have to climb a narrow spiral staircase. Would you be interested in that?”

(By this time, I would have swung on a rope with the luggage in my teeth, to sleep there!)

Well, I can only say that to this day it is still one of our most enchanting memories of our times in France. The room at the very top of the mill had a huge supporting post in the centre of the bedroom; a massive ancient tree so hardened that no one could have hammered a nail into it! 

The floorboards sloped down to the tiny bathroom, swallows and swifts darted past the open window looking out onto a walled garden, and a long way down, the stream slowly turning the water wheel. Sleeping that night after a wonderful dinner, the window wide open, we breathing sweet soft country air and slept the starlit night away.  It was sheer magic. I had used my Silva training to bring this about. It had been fun and very empowering!  Nothing succeeds like success…

Extract from my book:  “Manifesting with Silva”