Invitation to reflect

Many of you will know my story, that I (a dyslexic), by using the Silva Method, Mirror of the Mind technique, learned to spell virtually overnight and became a published author at the age of 40+!

Every amazing Silva breakthrough encourages me to practice/focus and take more advanced training – and after each confidence building success, I ask myself: “What more am I/we, are we capable of?”

We all know people who have taken the Basic Lecture Series, but who have never repeated or don’t practice. They don’t, ‘live the life.’ Why? What happened to sap, the expansive powerful energy felt by the whole room when the graduation certificates were handed out?
Is it, that away from the shared enthusiasm of other students, they lose that mental flight of magic that can attract wonderful exciting happenings into every day life, or is it that they allow stress or boring routine to reclaim priority, and so lose belief in their own ability to create a different reality?
(And perhaps, to a lesser extent, is this you?)

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t believe in the power of attraction, you will never attract it, for there is one governing ‘Universal Law of Like Attracting Like,’ and nothing is exempt from it for we are Human Magnets and what we focus on, we get more of!

I wrote, ‘Manifesting with Silva’ to share with you, my Silva family, my amazement and joy when I achieved things truly, beyond my imagination, and to encourage you to keep playing the game!

I wrote, ‘You, the Human Magnet’ to explain how the Law of Attraction, works – but to make use of it, you first have to understand HOW it works. Understand this and all that is required, is your attention!

These are books to ‘dip-in-to’ – often! If you have a question, just open at random and the answer will be there!

Simple! Have fun. June Kidd.

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